Traditional Painting Class


Suitable for all levels, from beginner to the more experienced artist this course provides an opportunity to learn under the guidance of a traditionally trained painter.
Students will work on a series of drawing and painting projects, including still life and portraiture, allowing them to develop their observation skills through the study of proportion, gesture and the shape of light and shadow.
Students will be introduced to appropriate colour palettes, painting surfaces and grounds, paint preparation and painting mediums and their art historic context.
Through instructor demonstrations, class discussion and individual critique students will learn to use contour, value and colour for an accurate representation of light. There will be a focus on colour mixing, edge control, and paint handling including, where appropriate, both direct painting and glazing techniques.
Students will be introduced to the ‘sight-size’ approach taught in major modern ateliers and used historically by painters such as John Singer Sargent, and the origins of which date back to the Renaissance.

Tutor: Jason Tremlett

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